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Denver: Review of Cultivate-Hydroponics and Garden Supply

Hydroponics store: Cultivate Hydroponics and garden supplyLocation: 666 buchtel blvd. (1-25 at exit 206) Denver, Colorado I walked into a large warehouse of supplies. Everything seemed to be available and in every size. In the back of the warehouse they had a hydroponic showcase that showed how a lot of the things they sold worked …

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Hydroponic growing tip 2

Feeding/Nutrients Know the nutritional requirements of your marijuana plants before you start. Know how strong the nutrients should be each week of your plant’s life, and know what the nutrients should consist of each week. Your marijuana plants need more Nitrogen at first, than switch to needing more Phosphorus to produce the buds. Do not …

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Hydroponic growing tip 1

Having a Plan Hydroponic marijuana gardening success begins with having a solid plan. Having a plan means knowing your marijuana strains nutritional requirements and photoperiod (hours of light and type of light) requirements and having the supplies and equipment necessary to meet those needs. Actually having a written week by week feeding schedule, complete with nutrient …

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