Beginner hydroponics

You should have some experience growing simple plants then start growing hydroponically. You need a little experience before you start hydroponic cannabis sativa growing.

When you move to Hydro it gives way better yields than other traditional soil growing methods. It also shortens grow times from start to finish. In hydro you concentrate to maximize your operation by taking advantage of all that makes marijuana crops turn out a maximum yield, like light, nutrients, co2 ventilation, and good marijuana seeds.

Maybe use both hydroponic and soil growing methods to view the difference first hand.

You will save time in the cannabis sativa grow cycle. Hydroponic cannabis sativa growing takes a few less weeks than growing cannabis sativa in soil. You’ll be smoking buds way quicker. The cannabis sativa flowers tops will also be bigger and juicier. Start to flower the cannabis sativa plant at about 2 feet tall and during the flowering cycle it will grow twice as big. You don’t really have to wait for a 6 foot tall plant. 4 plants can get you 1/4 pound dried and cured bud, but you also need to be using good yielding strains this means good cannabis sativa seeds.

Hydroponic growing requires some form of inert growing medium to support the plant, protect the roots from sunlight and to keep the root moist at all times.

The most important thing to remember when growing in hydroponics is:

1. Watch and adjust the pH level so that it always stays within the 5.5 to 6.8 pH range, optimum pH is at 6.3 – 6.5, and you should know that the natural tendency in hydroponics is an increase in the pH over time as plants use up nutrients, so you have to watch it and adjust it with either pH Down or Up chemicals which come in dry powder or wet liquid forms.

2. Change the hydro-water and re-supply the water with fresh nutrients (properly mixed) for whatever stage your plants are in every 10 days or so.

3. Root tissue should not be allowed to get too cold or too warm, maintain the nutrient solution at a minimum temp of 50 F at night, and 70 F during the day when the light are turned on, HID lighting produced heat, unlike fluorescent (which we do not recommend), yes you can grow under them, but you will need a lot of them.

Remember, HID lights are more efficient but give off a lot of heat so plan good vents.

Supply the correct lighting for the stage that you are in, and try to move air over your canopy to bring in fresh oxygen. I would stay away from buying CO2 bottles, instead you can buy Carbon in a liquid form and apply it directly to the roots on the plants by mixing it into the hydroponic water. CO2 bottles can bring unwanted attention to you, as you have to have them re-filled.

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  1. Hi I’ve stumbled onto growing my dear friend and he responded very well he’s just sprung out of his seed, and I am looking for some starting advice how to keep him alive, I’m not trying to make him into a factory ;), just a green friend 🙂 any advice would come in handy! Thank you!

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