Marijuana clones ready for the vegatative stage of the marijuana light cycle

Growing Cannabis

Marijuana seeds that are germinatingGrowing marijuana

Cannabis sativa/marijuana plants require a minimum of eight hours of sunlight per day and should be planted in late April/early May, after the last frost of the year. Growing an outdoor marijuana crop has been the favored method over the years, because cannabis/marijuana seems to grow better without as much attention when in its natural habitat. The people over at have summed it all up  very well on the basics of growing marijjuana.

To grow marijuana there are five basic requirements – Marijuana plants need light, air, water, nutrients and temperature. However you choose to grow marijuana you should bear these five basic requirements in mind and ask yourself at each stage… Have I given the marijuana plants these five things they NEED to grow?

More marijuana growing information:

6 thoughts on “Growing Cannabis”

  1. Is the columbine flower a good companion plant to pot? I use cintrosa (flying insects), marigolds,nasturium,garlic and onion chives and nicotania. Somehow I got the idea that columbine was a companion plant as well. Is It? Researching has not produced the answer.
    Doe anyone out there know?

  2. I’m trying too grow a Sativa ( Tangerine Dream ) I’m not sure of the proper lighting hours required or how too prepare the best soil needed! Sooooo far it’s very slow growing! Can anybody give me some good tips I’d really appreciate it!! Tysm

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