Cannabis cookie

Recipe for  1 cannabis cookie

for 1 cookie:
1 joint worth of pot
1/4 tsp. oil (just enough to moisten the pot)
1 tbsp. oats
2 tsp. Eier Likoer (or just egg)
(a few raisins?,a bit of brown sugar or molasses?)

mix pot & oil, add rest and form into cookie on a piece of foil. bake at 350 for 10 min, or until bottom starts to turn brown. Eier Likoer makes good cookies, it’s this yellow stuff usually somewhere around the Baily’s. ingredients are egg yolks, sugar, and alcohol.

Enjoy your single cannabis cookie! Double the recipe for double the fun!

1 thought on “Cannabis cookie”

  1. Lesley Fahrenkamp

    This is a good quick recipe, and yes! It works! Better for me edible, for nerve pain… Neuropathy.
    Also, helps sleep, after dancing to fav music!!:) signed;
    The Baker Maker xo

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