Exodus Kush

Exodus KushExodus Kush is an amazing hybrid that packs a puch of the two flavors crossbred.  Exodus Cheese and OG Kush have been married in a relationship that has resulted in a cheese growth structure, however retaining the medicinal strength of the OG kush. The Exodus Kush marijuana plants end up being shorter and very wide with heavy dense colas. The Exodus Kush is easy to grow for even the newest beginner giving great yields as well as being a forgiving plant as you learn how to grow.

The Flavor starts off like an old school classic cheese strain but quickly turns OG Kush and overwhelms your pallet with the OG while the Cheese lingers in the background. Exodus Kush is not a hybrid cross to ignore as it can satisfy even the most devoted Cheese strain connoisseur as well as retain the OG Kush loyalists.

Exodus Kush Bud



Exodus Kush is a Must Try!

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