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CBD for Epilepsy, Pain Management and other ailments

RX- CBD as medicineThe use of a marijuana strain rich in cannabidiol (CBD) in epilepsy is a complex issue.  Doctors and patients understanding of the myriad of perspectives around this issue continue to evolve as more and more case studies and patient reports are released publicly.

Marijuana, and its components are classified as Schedule 1 drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Because of this Schedule 1 designation, it is difficult to conduct epilepsy research using these agents, but it’s not impossible. CannabisSativa .com applauds those that are extracting CBD oil from the industrial hemp plant. Products like the 100% organic Elixinol are providing safe and legal ways for the life changing product to make a difference.  I have used Elixinol for my own pain suffering and have heard heard from many patients about the anecdotal results they are getting in treating epilepsy and other medical conditions.

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