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Cannabis Oil Bill Not Likely Yet

Medical Marijuana Oil ConcentrateThere are thousands of different uses for the cannabis plant. One of the biggest and arguably the most useful could be the application toward medicine for people suffering from specific illnesses. Like seizures in little children, for example. Which is why a House bill that would legalize the use of a cannabis oil extract for a specific seizure disorder is not showing signs of giving up after a House panel cancelled a meeting Tuesday on the subject. There is a strong push to make cannabis oil available, especially for medicinal use, not to mention it could help children. At any rate, there is doubt that it would pass the Senate, given its controversial nature, during the short session that is slated to end in about a week. So once again, there’s a fight ensuing over an industrial hemp product that could be beneficial to the human race.

North Carolina Representative Pat McElraft, said this morning she plans to meet with Senate leaders to discuss the bill, which was set to be considered Tuesday in a House committee. That meeting was cancelled because the proposal hadn’t had time to be taken through a caucus. Even though things seem to have hit a snag, the likelihood of this bill passing still has some people holding their breath.

“That meeting will be rescheduled. It doesn’t mean the bill was rejected. But I’ve gotten a clear message from the Senate that they won’t pass this bill during the short session. So it really doesn’t do any good to take this through the House if it’s not going to pass the Senate,” McElraft said.

She also stated that if the bill is pulled from the short session, she plans to resubmit it as a study bill, and hopefully it gets approved in the long session, which won’t begin until January 2015.

“If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be approved at the earliest until next March or April. But my concern is for these children and parents. My heart breaks to know some of these children may die by then and these parents have to watch these children suffer.”

And that’s where the debates comes to fruition. Is industrial hemp and the products it’s used to make really be that terrible that we need to cut through this much red tape just to try a medicine for children that has actually been proven to work?

The bill, (Hope 4 Haley and Friends), is named after Haley Ward, a 6-year-old girl who suffers from an intractable seizure disorder. It’s a painful and very difficult to live with illness, even more difficult when you’re a parent having to watch your child go through it. Her mother, Sherena Ward, reached out to Ms. McElraft earlier this year and asked her to introduce the bill after discovering that the oil was actually proving effective for the treatment of children in other states where the oil is already legal.

It’s a heart breaking story with an even more heart breaking and mind boggling preface. The banned industrial hemp crop is still fighting to become free from the constricting laws set in place decades ago, and hopes to one day become recognized for what it really is. A plant that could save lives.