Medical marijuana is not just for humans

Cannabis Medicine for Pets

RX- Medical MarijuanaFollowing current hemp news or marijuana news, you might be hearing a lot about a very special character named Georgia. Georgia is marijuana patient and has been for a small amount of time now. Georgia had suffered from syringomyelia, a serious neurological disease, and the traditional medicine on the market just wasn’t going to cut it. Oh, did I mention that Georgia is a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Yeah. A dog.

Georgia’s owner, Kelly Conway, takes some grief when she tells anyone that her dog is undergoing this unorthodox treatment, and with the amount of animal lovers out there, I’m not all that surprised. “People will say they can’t believe I’m letting her get high, but she’s not getting high,” She said. She is absolutely right too; Georgia, along with countless other pets are being treated with hemp based capsules with just a small amount of THC. When first diagnosed, however, she did try alternate medicine first. Acupuncture actually seemed to help a bit until the Doctor of Alternate Medicine suggested Canna-Pet, which is a supplement made from cannabis. This capsule was hoped to calm Georgia’s anxiety as well as provide pain relief.

At first, Kelly Conway didn’t think it would work, but to her much welcomed surprise, it did. “It has truly been a miracle, and I don’t say that lightly.” She said. “I feel like I have a whole new dog. Georgia’s happy and relaxed. She’s not in pain. It’s amazing.”

Since marijuana in Washington and Colorado has been legalized for recreational use, and 22 other states have allowed for the use of medicinal marijuana. Things are starting to change in America, and soon we will see even more changes, as Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 22-8 on a plan that would block the DEA from spending funds to enforce anti-hemp laws in any state that has received permission to grow it. In hemp news we hear what went on in Kentucky, when the DEA seized a huge shipment of hemp seed headed for the states from Italy. This new plan will prevent this from happening in the future and actually opens a lot more doors to the industrial hemp and medicinal/recreational movement.

Pet owners will have to wait for some more research to be done to the miracle capsule. Canna-Pet has only been selling its product to the public for a little over 8 months, and it’s already shipping its products all around the U.S. and to 23 different foreign countries. Dan Goldfarb is the President of Canna-Pet, and he calls it “an exploding market” that will grow even larger in the next few years ahead.
“There is no risk. There’s no harm,” Goldfarb said. “Hemp is incredibly safe. We want people to try it.”