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Marijuana in Florida?

Medical Marijuana PillsRight now there are 22 states as well as the District of Columbia who have laws for allowing some type of medical marijuana legalization. Now, it appears Florida is hopping aboard the green train as well, passing laws just days ago to legalize the (limited) use of medicinal marijuana and recent polls show that voters are likely to approve the November ballot to legalize medical marijuana altogether. Now if it passes, medical marijuana dispensaries could still be years away, but it does seem to be a big step toward an alternative treatment for a number of illnesses.

While this is happening, cannabis entrepreneurs from all around the country are already flocking to the Sunshine State and starting to set up shop. In Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, there’s a conference every three weeks or so strictly devoted to a product that is still widely illegal in the state. Tom Quigley runs an organization called Florida Cannabis Coalition, which is just one of a small handful of groups being created in Florida since it’s become clear that marijuana talks are moving forward. While the November votes are still months away, there are a great deal of people who view Florida’s inevitable medical marijuana legalization as an ideal opportunity that’s too good to be true. Quigley met about one hundred and fifty of these folks at his conference in Orlando.

“We can’t teach you in one day how to run a cannabis industry business, but what we can do is bring the best information to you,” He said. At these meeting are seminars on how to cultivate the best kinds of strains, converting cannabis into oils and other concentrated substances, and also on marketing issues as well as legal issues. After states like Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use, it seem like the perfect opportunity to get in on some of the early action in Florida as well. If the state approves it, it will be the first in the southeast to do this, despite the many people who swore it would never happen. With almost twenty million residence it could be the biggest market other than California, who legalized medical marijuana in 1996.
The NCIA or National Cannabis Industry Association says medical marijuana will be a $785 million dollar business for the state, and could muster all kinds of economic opportunities. “If you want to become a bud tender that works inside one of these dispensaries as an occupation, if you want to run your own business, there’s that opportunity as well,” Quigley says. I guess it’s worth a mention that this could potentially create some extra jobs in a country where new jobs are a breath of fresh air.
This is all mostly talk, but the money that’s piling up to be invested in this kind of market is very, very, real. We won’t know exactly how much money can be made in Florida is medical marijuana or even recreational marijuana becomes legal, but that’s not stopping these business men and women from investing their time and money in something that could potentially explode economically.