Chris Christie on the subject of pot

Chris Christie calls medical pot a “front for legalization”

Chris Christie on the subject of potThe term “cool story bro” is thrown around a lot these days like the silly slang that it is, but really never held the water that it does in this specific situation. As some of you might have already heard or read, New Jersey governor, Chris Christie does not like marijuana. Medicinal or otherwise. Early this year when he questioned residents’ quality of life in Colorado after recreational marijuana use became legal, he was just warming up. Now, it seems, he’s done with his opening act and had begun his assault on the world of medicinal marijuana.

“What there’s a huge demand for is marijuana. Not medical marijuana,” he said Monday night on his monthly radio show on 101.5-FM. “Because when we run a medically based program, you don’t see the demand.” He then went on to call the program a “fallacy”, among other things. “This program and all these other programs, in my mind, are a front for legalization. Unless you have a strong governor and a strong administration that says, ‘Oh, medical marijuana? Absolutely. We are going to make it a medically based program.’ No demand there…or very little.”

I guess it all boils down to opinion, but to call medical marijuana a front to legalize the stuff is a bit absurd, considering most people I know personally have never even tried the stuff before being suggested a THC prescription. It’s like anything else, you are out of options, and you try something that has worked before. I even know cancer patients who have traveled to all corners of God’s green Earth in search of whatever might help them through their ailment. From acupuncture to rare and exotic flowers, if there’s a chance you can either increase your quality of life, or heal yourself completely, you investigate.

Now, are there people out there lining up at medical marijuana dispensaries claiming to have a headache in order to score a script for some grade ‘A’ pot? Sure. I guess? Why wouldn’t they just go buy it from their old High School buddy like everyone else? Why go through all the unnecessary red tape involved when you can buy it and be home watching Cheech and Chong within 20 minutes? But I guess some Politians need anything they can get to demonize marijuana, even when it’s helping the lives of other human beings, including children.

I can understand there are handfuls of potheads out there who jump and cheer every time medicinal marijuana is made legal somewhere, because they support the plant itself and feel that it’s possibly a step closer to recreational marijuana legalization, but is anyone really trying to open that door by using sick individuals who need treatment as pawns for some bigger recreational marijuana agenda? In my opinion, it’s extremely doubtful.