Peter McWilliams - Medical Marijuana Advocate

A Question of Compassion – Peter McWilliams

A Question of Compassion:
An AIDS-Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana – Peter Mcwilliams

Peter McWilliams - Medical Marijuana AdvocateA Question of Compassion: An AIDS/Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana” was Peter McWilliams‘ final work.  Sadly, Peter died before being able to complete the second part of this brilliant work. For the first time ever, Peter’s “A Question of Compassion” has been elegantly brought to life with Josh Stanley of American Weed  narrating.  Peter died at the age of 50 because he was denied access to his life-saving cannabis. He wanted other patients to know about this wonderful plant. Peter was a best-selling author, self-publisher of over 40 books and in later years an outspoken activist for legalization and repeal of prohibition of marijuana.

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