Josh Stanley at TED talks in Boulder Colorado

Josh Stanley at TEDX Boulder on Cannabis

Josh Stanley’s TEDxBoulder talk

Cannabis — and its non-psychoactive compound — is improving the lives of children suffering from pediatric epilepsy.

Imagine being a child who suffers from hundreds (yes, hundreds) of seizures a day. You can’t do the things “normal” kids do. Your parents can’t even get to know you because you’re all embroiled in the fight to stay alive, coherent, and conscious.

And then a bunch of guys in Colorado come along and cultivate a plant that — contrary to popular belief — isn’t designed to get anyone high.

It’s designed to give you your life back. Let you be a kid. Help your parents get to know you and put you and your family on the path of becoming a family.

It’s designed to give you a childhood, the one you’ve been robbed of by some freak incident of biochemistry. Josh Stanley and his brothers created the Charlotte’s Web stain of cannabis.  It is helping many seizure sufferers from all over the country!

Josh Stanley at TED talks in Boulder Colorado


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  1. My husband suffers from seizures related to a left frontal lob injury and 4 surgeries due to a car accident. While 3 medications controls the majority of the seizures but he already takes 7 other meds for other conditions. We cannot get the doctor to change to just one seizure med, the doctor just ups all three. I read the news article about Charlotte’s Web Strain to him and he is wondering several things: 1) would this strain also help adults with seizures non-epilitic related, and 2) if there are seeds available or how he can get a clone. We live in California and so far none of the dispensaries carry seeds/clones and few have heard of it. He would like to discontinue taking so many meds and already uses medicinal marijuana for chronic nerve pain in his head, stomach ulcers, and other health issues. The chemical cocktail is not making him better but worse.

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