L-R: Amy, Carly and Dustin Chandler. Source: WBRC video

Alabama dad says medical marijuana could ease his daughter’s suffering

L-R: Amy, Carly and Dustin Chandler. Source: WBRC videoBy Vanessa Araiza –  HOOVER, AL (WBRC) – A Hoover father is pushing state representatives to open a debate over legalization of CBD, another form of cannabis given to children with seizures.

Dustin Chandler is the father of a one-year-old girl, Carly who suffers from a rare disease called CDKL5. Because of the disease Carly can suffer multiple seizures a day.

Chandler says CBD is already being used in Colorado and wants the same chance to have it in Alabama.

“The strain that we are wanting to try is absolutely for epileptic disorders and it has been proven in girls and in boys in Colorado it has stopped their seizures,” said Chandler.

He said Carly can have anywhere from one to five seizures a day. She is currently on three to four different medications to control them but none of them work. That’s why he’s started a petition to legalize CBD.

“It would come in an oil form for my child. You can put it in her food. You can put it under her tongue and it is something that does not have psychoactive properties that are commonly in other forms of it,” said Chandler.

Within the past week he started a petition on Change.org to bring awareness for the need. He’s even asked the governor and state senators to get involved.

“We know it’s going to be a long hard battle in Alabama but you know we’re doing this for children and for people that suffer,” said Chandler.

Chandler talked with Senator Cam Ward Wednesday. In an email Ward told FOX6 News it would be a big uphill battle. He added that a medical marijuana bill has been introduced on several occasions and failed to garner support.

While Ward said he was not going to commit to support the bill he also said he was not going to block it coming up for a debate in the legislature either.

Chandler said he plans on talking with more senators to get their support.