PA Marijuana for recreational use

Hemp and Marijuana PA’s Next Cash Crop

PA Marijuana for recreational usePennsylvania is not a place that comes to mind when we talk about hemp and marijuana legalization, however, a senator’s effort in this state has even me surprised.

State Senator Daylin Leach has proposed legalizing marijuana for recreational use and regulating it much like the sale of alcohol through the state store system. Sound familiar? It should sound familiar as that is exactly what Colorado’s law reads and yes, Colorado passed it. Advocates say legalizing marijuana and its relative, industrial hemp, could be an economic boon for the commonwealth as proven in other states, however, the governor has repeatedly veto and legalization bill due to marijuana being a “gateway drug”.  Pennsylvania does need to replace some revenue sources that have shrank and the tax income from farmers growing hemp, the products that will be made from it and the exporting to other states could reduce the fiscal challenges and produce much needed jobs.   Let’s hope that the conversation regarding this important topic that State Senator Daylin Leach started will open the eyes of many to the changes we must make to save this great state.

This is a great first step to make Hemp and Marijuana Pennsylvania’s Next Cash Crop

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  1. Governor Corbett’s knee-jerk veto of this effort will only delay the inevitable. Legalization is coming whether he likes it or not. His assertion that cannabis is a “gateway” drug is a fallacy, and he’s being disingenuous to the entire Commonwealth. He refuses to listen to his constituents, is subverting the will of the people, and subverting the entire economy, by standing in the way of the future. We the people have the human right to self-medicate if we so choose. We are not slaves to the pharmaceutical industry. We have the right to plant and grow a valuable plant that no one would smoke to get high, has thousands of commercial uses and raise our standard of living as we have for thousands of years, before the United States government decided another bout of prohibition was in order; the last one worked out so well….so veto if you will, Gov Corbett…your days are numbered.

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