Germany: Legalization of Cannabis Vote Today

Germany to legalize CannabisThe Bundestag vote today on a request from the Group of “The left”. The party calls for the “legalization of cannabis through introduction of cannabis clubs”. It is not expected that the application will encounter the consent of the other parties.

Association calls for 30 grams for personal use
About three million people in Germany have cannabis in different forms according to some studies in the last year. Even well over 14 million have experience with cannabis. “The members of the German Bundestag have today the opportunity finally to stop the criminal prosecution of these citizens,” warns George Wurth, Managing Director of the German hemp Association (DHV). Through the legalization of 30 grams for personal use you’d criticized “Disproportionate criminalisation of cannabis users find an end” by critics. The introduction of so-called ‘cannabis social clubs’ Volljährugen would allow legal cannabis products to care for themselves without being exposed to the dangers of the black market, argues Wurth.

The application of the left goes back in large parts on a petition of the German hemp Association, which has been signed by over 31,000 people. The citizens are significantly more than their parliamentarians on this issue. According to an EMNID survey in the summer of 2010, the majority of Germans for a more liberal cannabis law is. The citizens in the United States are mostly for full legalization of cannabis and could pour through referendums in Colorado and Washington these views in the form of law the end of 2012.

Advantage over alcohol “calm and relaxed”
During a hearing in the Bundestag, Dr. Raphael Gaßmann represented from the German head office for addiction issues (DHS) considered that it was difficult to draw a comparison between cannabis and alcohol. While aggressive alcohol do cannabis users would “calm and relaxed” are. “The black market prevents the control, both the quantity and the quality”, said Dr. Nicole Krumdiek of the University of Bremen. Also, the prohibition of cannabis would promote trade and the consumption of synthetic mixtures of herbal cannabis substitute. Prof. Dr. Rainer Thomasius of University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf was however to keep in mind that there is “no doubt” that cannabis leads to a “physical and mental dependency”. According to the doctors, taking around 10 percent of consumers would lead to a physical dependency.

In addition to the left also Alliance ‘ 90 / the Greens advocate a more liberal drug policy. The debate is scheduled for tonight 20.55 pm and will be broadcast live on the Internet.(sb, pm)

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  1. This is great News! The Marijuana movement is finally pushing forward the legalization of marijuana. This will be big business for Canada and the US.

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