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Doctor’s note: Why Vaporize?

Vaporize Right with Glass Dome VaporizersWhy Vaporize?
The most often asked question when a person realizes that they are a regular consumer of marijuana and that smoking it, well, makes them cough and hurts sometimes due to the heat. Overall I think anyone would agree that we would have to get out of a burning building even if it is made with the best herb out there due to the heat. The heat is the killer and vaporization removes the killer heat and uses only the necessary heat is used to liberate

Smoking cannabis or marijuana through the process of “fire” is the oldest method known to man. Releasing the active ingredients of the medical marijuana does not have to occur with combustion. Rather, vaporizing has the same effect as smoking, but does so, without burning the marijuana with fire. Vaporizing eliminates combustion by-products and unwanted smells.

By-products resulting from combustion include tar, ash, CO2, carbon monoxide and other gases & carcinogens, many of which are known to increase the likelihood of various cancers. In addition, because smoking is basically breathing in fire, your lungs and throat are subjected to high amounts of heat, which is damaging no matter what the substance is.

Simple homemade water pipesCombustion is also known to decrease and destroy a large percentage of the active ingredients contained in your medical cannabis or marijuana. Studies have shown that 25-50% of the active ingredients contained in cannabis or marijuana are destroyed by the act of combustion itself! So not only does smoking create many unhealthy and unwanted side effects, but a large percentage of the active ingredients are lost in the process. Smoking blocks taste and destroys the natural flavors of your best marijuana strains.

In contrast, vaporizing warms your cannabis/marijuana to a temperature below the level of combustion. The resulting effect, releases the active ingredient’s of your medical cannabis/marijuana in the form of a vapor. Since vaporizing does not use a flame or fire to ignite the material, none of the active ingredients are lost in the process. You’re getting no smoke and more of the natural tastes and flavors of your substance. Using a Herbal Vaporizer has the same effect as smoking and is a healthy alternative to enjoying todays myriad of awesome medical marijuana strains.

So, simply put… Pure cannabis/marijuana vapor contains little to no tar and is much cooler to inhale through your lungs than smoke. Pure cannabis/marijuana vapor has practically no carcinogenic elements making it a healthier alternative to smoke!  Don’t ask “why vaporize?”  try it and you will see and feel the health difference!

Happy Vaporizing!