Video: Lotus and the Hemp Car

Lotus: The hemp carLotus Hemp Car

Cars made out of hemp? Not a new thing but these high performance cars made by Lotus have raw materials that are coming from the farms and thus are renewable and recyclable resources! Lotus has gone green but that is just the beginning of this story…

Lotus have gone for a different type of ‘green’ by announcing an ‘Eco Elise’ made largely out of hemp… No need to check your calendar, it’s not April 1. The theory behind this radical new approach is that Lotus feels too much “green” car technology is simply concentrating on CO2 emissions at the tailpipe, where the manufacturing processes and materials in many cars are just as environmentally damaging.

Lotus Hemp Car: The hemp seatsTo that end, the company is presenting a more holistic environmental focus. The car will be efficient as well as quick due to its light weight and advanced engine technology, but the company has gone further by using completely renewable materials like hemp body panels, eco wool and sisal carpets, cleaner manufacturing technologies, water-based paints and locally-sourced components that reduce the carbon miles inherent in the manufacturing process.

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