Hydroponics with the Phototron Pro Hybrid

Phototron's Pro HybridHydroponics with the Phototron Pro Hybrid brings new meaning to automated indoor growing. As you can probably already see this setup is the future. Complete with Digital readouts that demand attention so you can’t mess anything up, a super high end lighting system and the Eco-Brain computer to control the automation. As far as looks go the Phototron is pretty cool to show off. Led lighting and compact design makes for a showcase type setup. The price is great! Check it out on their site here!

The only thing we didn’t like was the amount of plants you can grow inside. 51″ tall and 21″ in diameter means one large plant. For a personal MMJ project this is perfect but for produce not so much.

Check out Phototron’s website for more information and to purchase!

This is their most popular Phototron. It contains six high-output, 6 BLUE & 4 RED high-output, fluorescent T-5 bulbs for 265 watts plus 180 watts of LED canopy light for enhanced growing. It also includes their proprietary ECO-Brain which automates lights, monitors temperature, watering & moisture levels; and has a built in carbon filter to remove organic odors. The PHOTOTRON Pro Series Hybrid comes ready to grow with 3 Bottles of Nutrients (Grow, Protect, Bloom), Seed Pods, Sphagnum Moss, Nutrient Solution Container and User Manual. Size: 51 inches Tall and 21 inches in Diameter


Here you can see the PHOTOTRON Pro Series Hybrid in action. Professional hydroponic results without all of the guesswork.

Such an awesome way to grow hydroponic. You will be up and running with your own automatic hydroponic system from Phototron!