Family Uses Medical Marijuana to Treat Son’s Cancer

Cash Hyde Foundation - Marijuana cures cancer

Cash Hyde Foundation - Marijuana cures cancer

Montana  –  A Montana family is using medical marijuana to save their son’s life. Cash is three years old and he’s considered the youngest medical marijuana
patient in Montana history.

He’s doing okay after two bouts with brain cancer. The toddler takes Hydrocortisone along with Cannabis oil twice a day. His parents say they’re not criminals. They’re breaking state and federal laws to keep their son alive.

“You know we just live our life three months at a time,” said Cash’s dad. “His scans are every three months and we just continue with our protocol that we had him on and just hope and pray that the cancer doesn’t come back again.”

The Hydes say the medical formula works for their son even though they’re going against doctors recommendations of different pharmaceutical drugs.


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