Tackling Cancer: The Cash Hyde Foundation

Prayer and Love: The Cash Hyde Miracle

Prayer and Love: The Cash Hyde Miracle

Today we are taking a moment to recognize the great work being done by The Cash Hyde Foundation. Everyone knows what cancer is and what it can do to a person, but what if that person was your beautiful and helpless baby. You would do what any parent would do, EVERYTHING YOU COULD! Well, The Cash Hyde Foundation is a result of just such an ongoing fight between a child with a huge will to live and that disease we call cancer.

Cash Hyde admires the angels hairLet me introduce you to this little miracle.

“Cash Michael Hyde” AKA “Cashy”

Cash Michael Hyde was born to Kalli & Mike Hyde on June-21-2008. Cash has an older brother, Colten Hyde and all of them currently live in Missoula, MT. When Cashy was 20 months old Radiologist’s at Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT. Discovered a 4.5 cm. Stage 4 Brain Tumor in Cashy. He was transported on Life Flight to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. Cashy was placed on the 2nd floor NTU intensive care unit.

Cashy went into emergency open brain surgery the following day to try and remove the tumor. The surgeon’s only removed 10% of the tumor for biopsy because it had grown around his optic nerves. After the surgery Cashy lost his eyesight from the pressure of the tumor on his optic nerves.

From the day Cashy’s tumor was discovered he has marveled the medical profession and defied odds countless times. Cashy is considered a Miracle to thousands of people around the world and many Doctors and Nurses. Along the way Cashy regained his vision, survived seizures, and many PICU emergencies. There were many ups and downs along the way but each day Cashy would fight with a smile earning him the title “THE BOY OF STEEL.” Today Cash is still fighting as he completed his 30th radiation treatment in mid January and is now enjoying time at home again with his family.

Cash Hyde is a survivorAs with all great stories, this one continues and will forever in the workings of The Cash Hyde Foundation and their ongoing efforts to educate people on how benificial canabinoids can be in the youngest of cancer patients. Cancer in a child is not an easy thing to tackle for any parent and the Cash Hyde Foundation knows this and is dedicated to making it a happier  and easier process. The Cash Hyde Foundation’s mission is to fight cancer with smiles, prayers, positive energy and provide information and financial support for children with cancer and their families. The fact is, in one way or another, cancer will affect us all. That’s why it is up to all of us to play a part in fighting cancer during our lifetime.

So what can you do?
Visit The Cash Hyde Foundation website and donate to this great cause!

Still need convincing of this great cause?Here are some cancer facts

  • Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among US children under the age 15.
  • Each school day, 46 children or two entire classrooms of children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • By age 20, one child in 330 is diagnosed with cancer. Leukemia and brain tumors account for over one-half of the new cases each year.
  • The cases of pediatric cancer are increasing at a rate of 1% every year, while funding for research continues to be minimal.