Production Studio Spotlight: Glass Slipper Studio in North Hollywood

Photo shoot at the Glass Slipper StudioThrough a friend I found out about Glass Slipper Studio’s because of their emmense support of industrial hemp and medical marijuana businesses.  The more I learned about this highly qualified studio, the more I appreciated their attention to detail in every aspect of the production cycle.   They have around 2000 sq. feet of an insanely professional state of the art studio space. With the newest and most advanced equipment, it is my belief they are able to meet all of your production needs be them medical marijuana/hemp related or not. The main studio space is 39 ft wide 56 Ft deep with 17 ft high ceilings. They have redefined the standards in production capabilities and equipped the studio with Paul Buss White Lightning, Alien Bee, and Profoto strobes, along with the newest accessories and modifiers including their new 86” parabolic… and this is just some of what they available to meet your production needs

When you rent at Glass Slipper Studio, they include:

  • Three strobes with modifiers.
  • Your choice of a variety of cloth photo backdrops, as well as hard sets, a 20 ft green screen, and our new blackout room (12 x 15 x 10 ft of total darkness).
  • A wardrobe room with two hair and make up stations, complete with lighted mirrors and luxurious, fully reclining makeup chairs.
  • Audio playback via a CD or iPod connected to our 2000 watt playback system.
  • Wireless Internet
  • A production room and agency lounge area.
  • Ample secure parking which can fit up to 3 production trucks and plenty of cars

As you can see this is not your average production studio. The Glass Slipper Studio has what it takes to help make your project stand out above the rest!  Your medical marijuana, cannabis and industrial hemp friendly studio of choice!   Don’t forget to check out there website and when your booking with them… Tell them your heard about how awesome they are from!

Still want to know more about the Glass Slipper Studio’s?

Glass Slipper Studio, state of the art studio with features that make any project easier. Check out this extended list of inclusions when you rent studio time at Glass Slipper Studio.  Glass Slipper Studio also had a list of other props and items available at an additional fee, they really have thought of everything!

  • 3 Paul Buff White Lighting strobes
  • 7″ cone reflectors 
  • 86” Parabolic umbrella / china ball
  • 47” Octobox
  • 32” x 40” Softbox
  • 22” Beauty Dish
  • 24” x 36” Softbox
  • Umbrellas
  • Honeycomb grids
  • Light Mood Snoot
  • Heavy duty light stand with boom
  • Heavy duty light stands
  •  Background support systems
  • Multiple cloth backdrops
  • Hard Sets
  • 2 Hair and Makeup Stations, Wardrobe Room
  • 32″ LCD
  • Audio system with iPod/MP3/CD Jackthe Glass Slipper Studio - Professional studio in North Hollywood

The Glass Slipper Studio is your one-stop studio answer in North Hollywood!   The studio is the realization of a dream of Hal J Lewis, who has been serving the film, video and photography community for the last 24 years. Hal has dozens of feature credits, hundreds of episodic’s and thousand’s of commercials and music video’s he is a seasoned vet. 

 Since 2007  Hal had a vision to open a studio where fellow collogues could come explore and share knowledge, experience and hope with each other, and the film community as a whole hence Glass Slipper Studio was born…

Check them out! I think you will love what they can do… The Glass Slipper Studio