Marijuana: The big lie

Marijuana health concerns are unjustifiedIt is not a “war on drugs”, it’s a war on the people who use drugs. If the U.S. government wanted to eradicate the drug, all it would have to do is fly over the fields and drop some napalm. Whether it is marijuana or coca plants the government could easily wipe them out and end the supply side of the black market. But they look at the jobs that are being supported by making arrests, and incarcerating users. Now cocaine I agree should remain a banned substance, but marijuana is not lethal or addictive.

One can visit the site to get the full story of how this misunderstood plant came to be viewed as an evil poison. The fact is in the early days of the colonies it was ordered that plantations grow hemp to make rope and other fibrous products. George Washington had a hemp crop as well as Benjamin Franklin. In fact the plant itself goes back to 7000 B.C., but it has only recently been made illegal due to racism and political propaganda.

The United States of America is locked in a contrast between the federal government keeping marijuana illegal, and some of the more progressive minded states seeing the medical benefits of the “drug”, and realizing the more people they arrest for possession, the more overcrowded the jails are. How many lives and careers have been ruined by an outdated law, when any one of legal age can drive themselves to an establishment and consume alcohol only to drive home under the influence.

Speaking about a law that was written in a time when life was almost entirely different, we can now see the real reason it exists with the help of the afore mentioned link. It was written by Henry J. Anslinger in 1937 for the sole purpose of getting Mexicans out of the U.S. during the Great Depression. It was then fueled by political hype and propaganda by the name of refer madness. What it all comes down to is, the people in control of the law are ignorant of the very thing they made illegal. So they lied to the people of the U.S., and if you were to ask any one in office if they have ever used marijuana, the answer would be an emphatic “never”. So how do they even know what it is?


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