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Cash Hyde Foundation

Cash Hyde’s story is one that touches my heart and gets me out of my chair and ready to help.  As I write this post I only ask two things of you… Of course one is easier than the other but it never hurts to ask…
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Read Cash’s Story…
Cash Michael Hyde was born to Kalli & Mike Hyde on June-21-2008. His big brother is Colten Hyde and our family lives in Missoula, MT. On May 3rd 2010 when Cash was 20 months old he was diagnosed with a 4.5 cm stage 4 brain tumor. Cash battled for his life at Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC, UT. From May until the end of December and went home in remission on January-29-2011. Unfortunately on October-12-2011 the Hyde’s were told that Cash’s brain tumor was back and that he must immediately start radiation treatment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. With radiation treatment Cash has a 30% chance of 5 year survival and risk of Leukemia Cancer, Blindness and severe Brain damage. Cashy and his family are currently staying in California to battle cancer with the best medicine and technology.

Cash and Medical Marijuana

Cashy is the youngest Medical Cannabis patient in the United States. We were able to replace seven scary and toxic drugs that were given to Cash as a nausea cocktail around the clock with 0.3 Milliliters of cannabis oil. At the time we decided to give Cash this safe and therapeutic medicine, he was so sick that he hadn’t eaten in over 40 days and was living on TPN and Lipids as intravenous nutrition, he vomited 8-10 times a day and could barely lift his head off the pillow. Within two weeks of receiving the oil, Cash was eating, laughing, and had a quality of life we hadn’t seen in months.

Cash survived septic shock, stroke, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary hypertension, all side effects of the chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants he had received. We were told after his 4th cardiac arrest episode he would have brain damage, organ failure and that he would ultimately die. However, he did not die, and it was because of the cannabinoid therapeutics that he was receiving and their Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant capabilities.

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