Denver: Review of Cultivate-Hydroponics and Garden Supply

Hydroponics store: Cultivate Hydroponics and garden supply
Location: 666 buchtel blvd. (1-25 at exit 206)
Denver, Colorado

Cultivate hydroponic gardening supply storeI walked into a large warehouse of supplies. Everything seemed to be available and in every size. In the back of the warehouse they had a hydroponic showcase that showed how a lot of the things they sold worked together.

Next thing I knew I had a very nice person offering me assistance. I asked small time hydroponic questions but received very wonderful big time answers. Stumping this person was not going to happen. This person knew hydroponics. They walked around the store with me explaining carbon filters, venting, high speed vs low speed venting methods, aeroponics, nutrients and more! I greatly enjoyed my time with this person and their knowledge made the visit to the Cultivate hydroponics gardening supply store very educational.

My overall impression of the Cultivate hydroponics gardening supply store makes it highly recommended for the serious gardener. The time you spend working with the staff their with save you hours upon hours of time in your garden. They made hydroponic gardening easy to understand and were willing to do anything as a store to help me be successful. I highly recommend them and recommend you go visit them for all your hydroponic and gardening needs!

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