Denver dispensary review: Grassroots medical marijuana dispensary

Dispensary name: Grassroots
Location: 3867 Tennyson Street, Denver CO. 80212 (under construction)

Grassroots medical marijuana dispensary on Tennyson in Denver ColoradoWalking into the Grassroots medical marijuana dispensary is like walking into a comfortable coffee lounge without the coffee.  The people are very nice and inviting.  They casually meet your every need while remaining professional. They carry a wide range of medical marijuana strains including LA confidential, Big wreck, OG kush, Sour diesel, Euphoria and many more.  They carry all the edibles one comes to expect these days and the presentation is fun and very clear.  For those of us that have medical marijuana hash on our medical regiment the Grassroots medical marijuana dispensary meets that need with a 5 star lineup of choices.  I suggest you try the bubble hash at least once as it seems to medically meet many needs!  The Staff was great and  they answered all of my dumb and not dumb questions with great authority and most importantly correctly.

I give the Grassroots Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Denver, Colorado a four star marking. Although they have a wonderful selection of medical marijuana, marijuana edibles and hash, they lacked a solid ‘branding’ of the store. I was informed that no menu of medical marijuana, edibles, or hash was available for me to take home to read and I would have given myself away if I pulled out a pen and started to take notes.I checked the internet for more information and  their website is under construction (I hope).  I look forward to visiting their in the future and have found the prescriptions I purchased their have exceeded my expectations.  They are reasonable priced and worth the trip if you are ever near or in need.