“Go grow yourself a life”, why didn’t I think of that

Obama says "Go grow yourself a life"Of all the funny things I read in any given day I was reminded  how much fun the power of the internet can be on April 1st.  I was checking in at Hemp.com’s site to see what new hemp products and hemp news are out there and I got sucked into a story there.  The story had a catchy title, “Go Grow Yourself a Life” and seemed to be going in the right direction as it starts like this…

In a bold step today, Congress introduced a new law that gives the national parks service the authority and duty to hand out free hemp seeds to all persons without jobs. The ‘Go Grow Yourself a Life’ program is expected to be able to reach

“Wait, Congress did what? ”  This is a must read. 

So before you and I both get old,  “Go Grow Yourself a Life”