George Michael in jail for possessing cannabis-Gets note from Paul McCartney

george michael-cannabis supporter George Michael Reportedly Gets Note from Paul McCartney While In Jail

NEW YORK (CBS) Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly sent George Michael a letter telling him to keep his head up while he’s in prison.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the Beatles legend, 68, “empathized” with the Wham! star’s plight because of the 10 days McCartney spent in prison in Tokyo in 1980 after being caught with marijuana.

Michael is two weeks into an eight-week sentence for drug-related driving offenses and, although he could be released this weekend, McCartney has written a two-page letter offering advice to the British pop singer.

Michael, who is serving time in Highpoint jail in Suffolk, is said to have read the letter over and over again after receiving it.