California and Cannabis

Doing research on marijuana is quite a “trip”; while finding videos to post that are “G” rated on the subject is near impossible! Venice Beach, California is a place where medical pot is found aplenty and pushing for legalization is on every corner. Business cards are distributed by Hashbar.TV to visitors of the Venice boardwalk and even minors are handed the propaganda.

Californians will be voting on the legalization of marijuana this November. To argue with the proponents of legalized marijuana is like arguing with idiots, yet the issue is now on the ballot and therefore the discussion must be had. Most of the arguments for legalized pot, use play on the sentiment that those who need it medically, can obtain it more easily, if it were legal for all; or that legalization will cut down on the Mexican drug war and destroy the black market, allowing bankrupt California to tax the product, putting dollars back into her coffers.

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