Marijuana farmers’ market held in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. – Jeremy Miller proudly talks about last weekend’s first ever cannabis farmers’ market. The director of Sacred Plant Medicine Co-op says he came up with the idea after listening to his customers.

“We have patients come in all the time with extra medicine and they don’t know what to do with it, so this in an outlet for that extra medicine because the state only allows them to carry 24 ounces,” said Miller.

At the Conquering Lion in Tacoma on Sunday, six vendors set up shop, handing out everything from marijuana to laced cookies and tinctures. Miller says all of it was donated and only those with a doctor’s authorization were let in.

“Most patients take donations or, what we do here we actually have member dues, which is used to keep the lights on and pay the rent of the building. It’s not for profit, said Miller.

Tacoma police say, not so fast.

“We were not aware of this taking place, so that’s what they used and that’s how they are trying to get around it,” said Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum. He believes this is just another way of skirting the law. “The law dictates who can use medical marijuana how much you can have and how you can access it.”

Miller admits they may be pushing it, but believes they are well within the limits of the law.

“I know that there is always a risk, but if anything happens, we’re ready for the challenge,” said Miller.

The next cannabis farmers’ market will be held on October 24 at Conquering Lion. Police say, this time, they’ll also be there.


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